Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My Trip to Japan!

Konnichiwa Guys and Dolls! 

It's been a while since my last post. Can't believe it's already December! I also can't believe that last month I went to JAPAN. Japan was a dream, but the flight was a nightmare (13 hours on the most uncomfortable seat ever!!! Who on earth invented those seats?). The jet lag was a pain in the neck too but it was worth it. Japan is one of my favorite countries. I'll never stop being impressed and amazed by how organized everything is in the land of the rising sun. Everything is user-friendly, customer service oriented, people are polite and rules are actually followed! Oh and the variety of food in Japan is just......WOW. 

I love how Japan is very traditional yet super modern at the same time, and how creativity and originality are infinite over there!!! 😄😍 

My stay was very short but I got to spend quality time with my pal and 
my hero: my ojiichan (grandfather). He is 99 years old and he's the best ❤ 

Needless to say, I love my grandpa and I love Japanese food so the first thing I did when I got off the plane at Narita Airport, 
was eat a bowl of wholesome ramen:
Second stop: Ojiichan's home:
My grandpa Yoshi drinks Yakult everyday. He's a big fan 👌😂
My ojiichan loves to play shogi (Japanese chess):
Like grandfather, like granddaugther ❤
This was the first time I ever tried shabu-shabu! Delicious and fun:

Extremely realistic food models/samples that you see at restaurants in Japan: 
Katsu Curry and a variety of desserts
Real GYOUZA (the most delicious dumplings):
Takeaway Chirashizushi:
Hot green tea and green tea ice cream....GREEN TEA HEAVEN!
I ate a lot but I also drank my favorite drinks: 
 Royal Milk Tea (it actually stays hot in this plastic bottle!!):
For Halloween, I was a pumpkin and I drank Calpis 
(a sweet, yogurt flavored drink). It's SO good:
Soba noodles (made out of buckwheat) topped with an egg, green onion and tempura at Utsunomiya Station (yes, you eat these amazing noodles while standing!). This is Japanese fast food, baby:
No trip to Japan is complete without meeting Hello Kitty 😉
Shopping is so much fun in Japan! You'll literally find everything under the sun (including peculiar novelty socks 😄):
Beautiful kimonos:
Candy and snack land. I went crazy in this store. I could live here forever:
I obviously stocked up. 
Where else are you gonna find green tea KitKat, noodle snacks and 
salad flavored corn rings?!?!
Saw the most beautiful guitar in the world at a music shop. 
One day this Gretsch will be mine:
Another rockin' guitar is the Rickenbacker guitar, which The Beatles played:
A very oishii (yummy) bento:
Senbei (Japanese rice crackers), green tea ice cream, green tea mochi....
ANPAN!!! 💚 This is a sweet bun filled with a sweet red bean paste:

Here's my sweetest anpan 😉💗

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Hi dolls,

How's your summer going? I recently went to Malta with my friend, Lexi and she was wearing the cutest tops with laces in the front. I thought I gotta get me some too! Well, luckily I just discovered the online clothing and accessories store, Yoins. This shop offers high quality fashion at low cost prices and their selection is so unique! They have a very large selection and their items are stylish, inspired by street fashion and catwalk fashion. You can find floral dresses, fashion crop tops, lingerie, sportswear, bags, hair accessories...everything a lady's heart desires! 

If you check out their site, you'll notice that skimming through their items is fun (and addictive!) and user-friendly. You can search for items based on your favorite color, on the season, sleeve, length, pattern, material, etc. This will help you save time and make your purchases quickly! Speaking of time, Yoins offers flash sales and my suggestion is to grab what you like as soon as you see it! :) Going back to what I said earlier, crop tops are very trendy and perfect for this weather. Here are some of my favorite Fashion Crop Tops for Women online:

Off The Shoulder Crop Top White:
This is a wardrobe essential for the summer. It's a classic and it's versatile:
This is such a sweet crop top and Yoins also sells it in light pink!:
If you're into the Pocahontas look ;-) 
Y'all know how much I love pineapples. 
This grey top below must be featured here! 
As autumn is approaching, here's a long sleeved crop top.
 I really like the lace up:

Pretty nice, huh? 
Well, here are some more Fashion Tops Online For women

Yoins sells this cute matching crop top and 
mini skirt with lemons all over!!!
Lovin' this cute catcus print too:
I really like this burgundy top below. I want!

Here are some other women tops

So ladies, which crop top is your favorite??
Have you ever shopped at Yoins?
Bye for now <3

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Zaful Haltered Vintage Checked Dress Review

Hi kittens!

You may recall my past posts about the online clothing, shoes and accessories shop, Zaful. Well, I praised this store once and I'm praising it again because their selection is fantastic and I am in love with their vintage style clothes! Their products are affordable, high quality and delightful. You'll find a variety of styles at Zaful, from edgy, hip and unique dresses to playful, pin up style bikinis. 

Isn't it adorable?? It's so 1950s that I feel like I could boogie woogie in it!!! 
Let's rock around the clock tonight! ;-)
I'm not much of a dancer though. I prefer singing. <3
 The little black and white checkers, the halter style and the length (knee length. Slightly longer on me because I'm not that tall) make this dress a real rockin' beauty. You can see below that the dress reveals part of the back. Perfect for summer!

I am very fond of the sweetheart neckline. Classic and flattering:

 I chose a size M and as you can tell, the dress fits me perfectly. The material is soft but sturdy. I just love this dress and I know I'm going to be wearing it often :) It's comfortable, cute and it makes me feel like one of the characters in Happy Days! The customer service at Zaful is excellent too. I highly recommend their store. Take a look at their collections ladies, if you haven't already! 

♫ Bye for now and have a rockin' August! 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Esprit Wishlist

Hi dolls! 

How’s your summer going? Are you basking in the sun and bathing in the sea these days? I went to the beach for several days and sang Elvis’ Blue Hawaii by the shore J I’m planning another mini trip and I’m already thinking about what to pack in my suitcase. I want to take classy, comfortable, feminine and fun clothes…..and you know the perfect brand specialized in these kind of clothes? The fashion brand Esprit.

I’m sure you all know Esprit. Esprit= high-quality, classy clothing. It’s an international fashion brand available in over 40 countries. They offer timeless attire and must-have basics for women, men and kids. They also sell accessories including footwear and bags. Esprit is a stylish brand that proposes collections including latest trends and trends that never go out of fashion! If you visit their store now, you’ll see that checkers are among the top trends offered at Esprit. I love checkers and gingham so I obviously had to include these two items in my Esprit Wishlist:

The blouse below is just perfect for a vintage-style summer! The checkers, the collar and the frilly sleeves make it adorable. I’m sure Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot would love it too! J It’s very versatile because you can wear it with a pair of jeans, a pencil skirt, a flared out skirt, shorts….

Gingham Check blouse in 100% cotton 

This floaty skirt with small checkers is also on my wishlist because again, 
it can match with tops of almost any color and style!
At Esprit, you’ll also notice flamingo prints and you gotta love flamingos! This cute top by Esprit is 100% cotton and it’s also available in pink and light grey:

Coz I can’t get enough of flamingos, here’s a turquoise bag by Esprit with flamingos and palm trees all over! The material is sturdy and shiny and the compartments make it very handy. Isn’t it flamingotastic?? :-)

Rucksack with Flamingo Print

What else is summer synonymous with? ICE-CREAM! That’s why I couldn’t resist and had to add this striped Esprit t-shirt depicting an ice-cream/popsicle for every day of the week. Sounds like a realistic plan to me! ;-) There are sparkly sequins on the ice creams too! <3

Ice-Cream T-shirt

Here are three retro-style dresses from Esprit that I would love to own:

1. Floaty stretch crepe dress                    2. Flared dress in 100% linen      3. Delicate chiffon dress with retro polka dots

In case you haven’t noticed, I love polka dots. You just can’t go wrong with polka dots! The first dress on the left is made out of stretchy crepe and I think it’s a must have dress that every woman’s wardrobe needs. A wardrobe also has needs, you know! The second dress is very unique and eye catching, made of linen which is very summer appropriate. The third dress is made of chiffon and it has a belt that ties into a beautiful bow….simply irresistible! These three dresses have that vintage flair and I love how you can wear them during the day with flats as well as at night, with a pair of heels. 

Another style that I think will never go out of style is the off-the-shoulder top. These kind of tops are also known as peasant style, gypsy style or Mexican style and I love this version by Esprit. White goes with everything and it’s 100% cotton with a lovely embroidery on the frilly upper section:

Off the shoulder blouse in 100% cotton
You know what I’d wear with the tops I just showed you above? 
These high-waisted denim shorts by Esprit.
Check out those buttons…perfect for a pin-up/rockabilly look!

Denim shorts 100% cotton 
Denim lovers, as if the above shorts aren’t adorable enough, here is a beautiful denim pinafore dress by Esprit. It’s light blue and it has the adjustable shoulder straps that make my heart soar!

Denim pinafore:

Below is another denim dress from Esprit, dark blue, with buttons that run down the center, pockets and compared to the above denim dress that slightly flares out, this dress is more figure hugging, emphasizing your curves. Oh, I think I’m going to buy this dress ladies!

Button placket strap dress in stretch denim 
Last but not least, the perfect bag for going on holidays is the…..

Printed Canvas Tote Bag
So ladies, do you shop at Esprit? Which are you favorite pieces? The items on my wishlist are just a few beauties from Esprit but they offer so much more that you should definitely check out.  Enjoy your summer and stay classy and fresh wearing Esprit!